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Bespoke events for schools

We work closely with many different schools throughout Ireland (North and South) to offer customised events and retreats to suit different year groups. Examples include Transition Year Programmes, RE Curriculum Events and Camping Trips.

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I’ve never read evaluations like these before! This is a mission + ministry that is speaking a very powerful language.

Blackrock CollegeMember of staff

The Surf Project really inspired me to keep trying to make a difference in my community. The instructors were very empowering.

Moville Community CollegeParticipant

Being new to the school and country, I'm so thankful to have been apart of this and meet new people.

Newtown School, WaterfordParticipant

The retreat exceeded my expectations. It was a good way to bring the group together.

Blackrock College, DublinParticipant

It changed how I feel about God. When I arrived I didn't believe in God and now I do.

Wesley CollegeParticipant

The leaders were so lovely and very helpful. The surfing was something i'll never forget, I loved the camp.

Moville Community CollegeParticipant

There was a really good balance of surfing and talking about faith. It was great to see how much leaders listened and cared for our opinions.

Newtown School, WaterfordParticipant

By far the best retreat I've ever been on! Had a brilliant two nights, a welcome change from the usual retreat. Activities were amazing.

Blackrock College, DublinParticipant

I usually shut off at these sort of retreats, Bandon was really interesting. It got me thinking about religion and Jesus.

Blackrock CollegeParticipant

Intense, passionate + deep. These words describe how amazing this weekend has been for me.

Newtown School, WaterfordParticipant

there’s more to life

than just surfing

We work alongside schools, colleges, churches and other organisations to offer a range of bespoke programmes and events. Whilst surfing is central to our activities, it is always part of a much wider programme.

Our fun and interactive workshops challenge young people to explore themes relevant to them, such as love, fear, worry and self-worth.

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All our instructors are ISA qualified. Equipment and insurance included. No more than 8-1 ratio of students to instructors.


We have a great range of team building challenges and activities both in and out of the water, as well as creating a funky & relaxed "Surf Lounge experience" for your group to enjoy!


We build into the programme creative, engaging workshops that help young people to explore relevant themes such as love, fear, worry and self-worth.


If required, we can cater for groups with healthy, wholesome warm food and accommodation. We also provide photography of events (slideshow + individual files delivered to group post event).

Standard of excellence!

Our fully equipped surf unit allows us to work across Ireland (North + South) and abroad!

Marker flags

Our flags on beaches mark the safety zone that we work within.

Wide range of boards

We have top quality soft and hard boards to suit all sizes and levels.

SUP boards

If the waves are flat we take out the SUPs and even our giant KING-SIZE SUP!


Our vans, trailers, minibus and Land Rover ensure we get you and the gear safely to and from the beach.


We set up separate gazebos changing rooms and shelter from the wind.

Water safety

We always take a complete safety kit with us, including walkie-talkies in case of emergency.


We have a huge range of warm suits as well as boots, gloves and hoods for all ages and sizes.

Equipment care

We carefully wash and disinfect all our gear after each session. It lasts longer and makes life easier!

Educational institutions we have worked with include: